What happens during a Homeopathic consultation?

The first Consultation last up to an hour and a half, and during that time, you will have a unique opportunity to talk confidentially about your health related issues and how you are feeling. Follow up consultations take 30 minutes, these are important, as this is when we discuss how you have reacted to the remedies and set a treatment plan specific for you. Follow up consultations are usually held 3-6 weeks apart depending on your specific complains. For chronic complaints I generally suggest a minimum of four appointments.

Changes and improvements are generally seen between each meeting and I find that for many people homeopathic treatment often means that they become more aware of their body and the symptoms it displays.

Initially we will talk about the problem you would like help with and the specific symptoms you are experiencing whether they be physical, emotional or a combination of both. We will also talk about how this affects you on a daily basis. Your health history and family health history are also explored, as these will show how you have got to your current state of health.

Once you are feeling well, I suggest to then have periodic check-ups to maintain your level of health and prevent illness.