Is Homeopathy Suitable for me?
What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy can be helpful for the symptoms of many complaints.

Many people try Homeopathy for the first time because they have chronic health problems that do not respond to orthodox medical treatment or because they are unwilling to accept the side effects of conventional medicines.

Pregnancy, childbirth and childhood are times when many people choose to use homeopathy as the remedies are non toxic, and can safely be used at these times.

If you are suffering from anxiety and depressive states this may be a good alternative treatment for you as the treatment will be dealing with the underlying reasons of why you are feeling like this. I will try to understand where it comes from, how you feel and then chose your remedies depending on your individual state.

How long treatment takes depends very much on the individual situation. As a basic rule you can say that if you have been suffering from a complaint for a longer period of time, like years, I usually suggest a minimum of 4-6 consultations, then we can re evaluate the situation.

If, however, you only have had a complaint for a shorter period of time, a few months, I would expect a quicker response.

Every case is different, and each patient is treated as an individual, with his/her individual symptoms taken into consideration.